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Even more about the Puch Club Netherlands

Puch 175 SV






The Puch Club Netherlands (P.C.N.) was founded on May 24, 1986. In the weekly magazine "Motor" an appeal was placed to the owners of Puch motorcycles for a meeting in Doorn. The interest was great and it was decided to establish a club with the aim of bringing the Austrian brand Puch, in particular the Puch motorcycles and everything related to it, to the attention of enthusiasts. The P.C.N currently has approximately 115 members. Most members own one or more Puch motorcycles. Most of these machines were built between 1945 and 1965, but motorcycles from before and after this period can also be found among the members. The P.C.N. is affiliated with the Fehac (Federation of Historical Automobile and Motorcycle Clubs). This umbrella organization represents the interests of its members, e.g. at the National Road Transport Agency, the Motor Vehicle Tax. But there is also lobbying regarding environmental requirements, insurance, events, fairs, etc. 



Every year the Puch Club organizes a number of meetings to exchange information. This concerns both information from the club to the members and mutual exchange. It will not surprise you that this mainly concerns technical information, restoration and the like. But there is also just pleasant chatting. There are also lectures, videos or lectures from time to time

slide presentation held by one of the members or a guest speaker.

Rides are regularly organized with trips at home and abroad to factories and parts suppliers, other motorcycle clubs, enthusiasts with beautiful collections and museums.



Most communication takes place via the conveniently designed and interactive website and the linked “WebKurier”, a digital news bulletin. There is also a WhatsApp group in which short messages can be shared quickly.


These communication channels are used for;


*       Announcements from the board;

*       Activities planning and registration

*       Tour reports;

*       Technical articles, from repair manuals to data on

         adjustments and maintenance schedules

*       Historical stories about the Puch brand

*       The "Couriers", supply and demand advertisements from members and non-members




A number of tours are organized every year. The rides go

over a distance of approximately 100 km through the most beautiful regions of our country. The driving is alternated with visits to museums and other sights and of course an extensive lunch break. The tours are set out by members in collaboration with the tour committee. The tour committee is responsible for distributing the rides over the year and over the various beautiful parts of the Netherlands. Safety and complex government and insurance regulations are also monitored. The tour committee draws up the annual program around the club activities and takes into account interesting activities outside the club (fairs, etc.).



Trips are organized regularly. These trips often take place abroad and last a number of days. As with the tours, the main focus is on having fun and of course riding a Puch classic car without breakdowns or accidents.



There is a lot of information about restoring and maintaining your Puch. This can also be found on our website. If you don't find what you are looking for, there is undoubtedly advice and advice available somewhere among the members.

There is a technology “department” on the website. There are some "super specialists" in our club in the field of electricity, engine mechanics and general vehicle technology. They can be found there. 

This part of the website is only accessible to members. 


Restoring your Puch and keeping it running requires not only the necessary work, but also parts. Due to the years of experience of the members, an extensive address database of parts suppliers and specialist companies has been built up over time.  A parts afternoon is also held every year in November. The members of the P.C.N. then sell their surplus parts.




Some members of the P.C.N. are fanatically involved in road races for veterans - and

six-day engines.


Puch has built up a very established name in road racing, reliability riding and motocross. Johann Puch soon saw that sporting success was the best advertisement to sell his motorcycles. In 1905, Austria's largest motorcycle race was won on a 990 cm3 V-twin, after which a whole series of successes followed. After the Second World War, the series of successes was further expanded by the 250 cm3 double-piston two-stroke engines from Puch; especially in the reliability runs.




You have already been to the website. Browse further if you're looking for more information. Also seeFrequently Asked Questions, there you may find the answers you are looking for,




That is easy. Send a message via thewebsite and we will contact you.


A membership yields a lot and only costs €30 per year!

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