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  • Hoe kan ik me op deze website registeren?
    Je kunt je registreren op de website als je lid bent van de Puch Club Nederland. Na registratie kun je alle pagina's en informatie zien. Nog geen lid? Meld je aan, voor 30€ per jaar gaat er een wereld voor je open. Ben je lid en wil je zien hoe je je kan registreren? Bekijk dan dit filmpje.
  • Can I also participate in a tour if I am not (yet) a member?
    Yes, that's no problem. As a guest you can take a ride to see if it is something for you. Please contact contact via the website or with one of the members if you know someone.
  • I don't have a Puch (yet), can I become a member?
    Certainly, anyone who is interested is welcome at the Puch Club Nederland. And who knows what will come of it.
  • How do I buy a Puch? Can you help with that?
    Puch engines are regularly for sale through various channels. Club members also sometimes want to adjust their collection. Information about supply and demand is regularly exchanged between members of the Puch Club. If you are a member, you can count on help and advice from fellow members
  • I want to become a member, how do I do that?
    Becoming a member is easy; Send a message Apply the secretary now!
  • What does membership cost and what do I get for it?
    Membership costs (also in 2024) a modest €30. That's €2.50 per week or half a McKroket! For this you get access to all activities, information and the enormous amount of knowledge and expertise of the other members. You will also find all kinds of information on this website. In short, a world opens up for you.
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